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Everything I can remember about what I read on the 19th July 2016

As if linen is the same as flax, as if a refrigerator, aspirin pills, a copper bottom saucepan were born with us from the natural world like our teeth and fingers.

No Hillary Clinton wannabes

Technology is the active human interface with the material world.

Param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah

I’ve seen about 15,000 films

Some people say I don’t write hard science fiction that I write the squishy stuff.

As a wooden tongue used by people still living in the ‘80s.

Everything in nature is perfectly real including consciousness.

I humbly make my offering to the beautiful remover of my darkness, my ignorance.

Towards avatars of planetary thought.

Swipe left if you don’t get dark comedy like Dead Pool.

The right mixture of sound and image plunges the audience into hal, a trance-like state of hyperawareness.

The most lucid individuals fear the breath of the world.

Don’t waste my time.

Of ravines or rivers, crouching awaiting the pounce

His only published monograph for a decade was an anti-transcendental reading of Hume.

I am tall and naturally dominant.

Travel the world along the arduous path of all languages

The ‘90s astonishment over everything serendipitously looking like a rhizome.

What was water, deep and unfathomable?

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